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Our Analytical Team
David L. Cohen is the Director of Asian Economic Forecasting for Action Economics, LLC. Previously, he was Asian Regional Director of Economic Forecasting at MMS International, providing real-time analysis of macroeconomic developments as a unit of Standard & Poor's through 2002, and then at MMS through 2003. After an initial MMS assignment forecasting the U.S economic data from 1990 to 1995, he worked for two years in the MMS Tokyo office. Since 1997, David operated out of Singapore, where he will now cover the region for Action Economics, LLC. Previously he worked as an economist at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC, after obtaining his B.A. in Economics from University of Pennsylvania, and a M.S. in finance from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned an M.A. in economics from the Ph.D. program at Stanford University.