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Action Economics, LLC offers premium intra-day commentary for the fixed income and currency markets. The product features a wide range of analysis of key market instruments laid out in a web-based format that is clear, and easy to navigate. As an alternative, portions of Action Economics products are available via email.



The Economy

Our team of economists delivers in-depth analysis of all relevant data releases. Along with our own forecasts, we offer incisive previews of upcoming releases, followed by timely reviews of the numbers. Extensive use of charts and tables give the reader a quick and precise picture of the data, while our analysis highlights both the immediate impact on the markets as well as the longer run implications for the economy, the Fed, and interest rates. Comprehensive data calendars are coupled with a daily events log to keep traders alerted to market moving events. In addition, we offer in-depth analysis of global central bank developments, alongside global weekly economic surveys that gauge consensus thinking in the major markets.

The Markets

Our fixed income and foreign exchange analysts provide up to the minute insight into forces impacting the markets. Using an extensive list of market contacts, flow information is reported rapidly to keep traders one step ahead of the herd. Market analysis also taps into the cross-market relationships between bonds, currencies, equities, and commodities, providing our readers with a complete trading picture. In addition to reporting current conditions, our analysts provide forward-looking insight, allowing our customers to identify fresh trading strategies.


Action Economics commentary is available as a complete package over the web, at, or can be purchased through a variety of email based offerings as follows:
  • Action A.M. - Delivered before the open in each region, summarizing overnight events.
  • Action Email Alert - Delivered throughout the day, highlighting market-moving events and providing insight into topical subject matter.
  • Action Weekly - Delivered every Friday as a week in review and comprehensive preview for the week ahead.
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